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Health Check

(2-3 hours)

A health check is a great way of ensuring your computer is running how it should be. Clearing out and updating software, this will increase the performance!

Virus Removal

Seek & Destroy! Malicious software & files will not only slow your system down, but could be the reason for identify fraud!

Email Setup / Troubleshooting

Can no longer access emails? Email client not working as expected? Let us take care of all your email worries!

Printer / Scanner Troubleshooting

Printers can be frustrating, especially when they don’t work as expected! We will troubleshoot and get you back into working order!

Computer Upgrades

We can quote for upgrading core system components. Ranging from memory upgrades, to hard drive upgrades. Cheapest prices, always.

Network / Internet

Want to connect multiple devices over a network? Want to create a centralised backup system? Or is the broadband playing up? Call us today!